Moonstone Venue

Performance & event venue!


Why we chose our name Feggaropetra-Moonstone

The meaning of moonstone is a gemstone of new beginnings. Strongly connected to the moon and to intuition. Ancient civilizations(Asian, Indian, Egyptian and Roman) believed in the power of the moonstone soothing stress, promoting intuition and empathy. An amulet to protect travelers, a gift for lovers for passion and a path to wisdom. Women used to saw moonstones on their cloths to help with fertility and its power was considered to help with health issues.

We cater for private events

Our Services

Wedding events

Make your dream come true, a ceremony in our beautiful garden or a dinner party to remember. We have a selection of menus which can be tailored to your needs.


Enjoy your lunch surrounded by the beauty of nature away from the noise and pollution of town. Menus can be adapted to your requests.

Birthday parties

Kids parties, our little friends can enjoy their day in jungle themed play area with a bouncy castle, ball pools, slides, and other features for lots of fun. As for our adults customers enjoy a private birthday lunch or dinner around the pool or in the garden.

Company Co-corporate

Corporate entertainment describes private events held by corporations or businesses for their staff, clients or stakeholders.